Food for Thought for Year 6 at ‘Wildfarmed’

Jun 13, 2024

The current Year 6 cohort are piloting a new initiative entitled ‘the Prep Portfolio’ which aims to help prepare pupils for Senior School and beyond by fostering a greater sense of responsibility and independence. Pupils are undertaking six units: Multi-Generational, Financial Literacy, Out of Your Comfort Zone, Entrepreneurial, Eco-sustainability, and Community Outreach.

As part of the eco-sustainability unit, Year 6 pupils visited ‘Wildfarmed’. Building on their motto, ‘Transforming Lunches and Landscapes’, the Year 6 pupils were able to witness first-hand how delicious food can be produced in harmony with the environment.

The eager pupils arrived at Wildfarmed, ready to dive into the world of sustainable agriculture. A team of passionate experts greeted them, excited to share their knowledge and transform the day into an eco-adventure. The trip to Wildfarmed went beyond the lunchbox. Stay tuned to see how it inspires the future generation of eco-conscious individuals!