Learning Development

Our Approach

Strengthening and enriching the learning of our pupils is integral to the School’s approach; this methodology is also applied to the approach of our Learning Development Department. Our small class sizes allow our teachers to apply an individual focus. 

High quality teaching at its heart

The primary purpose of the Learning Development Department is to add value to pupils’ attainment and academic progress. As such, supporting our staff in the provision of high quality teaching, to the benefit of all our pupils, is at the heart of the Learning Development Department’s operation.

The School does not take the approach of placing Learning Support Assistants in classrooms, believing pupils will progress best overall where they have the opportunity to develop their own methods of thinking and learning, with specialist support. There is a strong emphasis on teaching pupils about the skills required to help them take ownership of their learning. A bespoke ‘Learning Skills’ programme is embedded within the First Form curriculum, and all subjects provide pupils with the opportunity to practise these skills in their specific context.

Heads of Departments work closely with the Head of Learning Development to monitor the progress of any pupils who might need additional, short-term intervention to help them catch up. This provision is available to all pupils.

Those requiring further assistance, such as those with specific SEND needs, benefit from either personal or small group sessions with the highly qualified Learning Development team. In all cases, the emphasis is on providing pupils with the tools they need to excel, both in School and beyond.

Exam preparation is a key part of a pupil’s development, especially as they progress further through the School. All pupils will require differing levels of support or guidance to ensure their academic endeavours are reflected in examination results. The Learning Development Department works closely with pupils to provide for this, ranging from general study skills to 1:1 lessons with expert teachers.

Children joining the School who have English as a second language are also well supported to ensure good progress is made and minimise any impact on classroom learning.


Academic Enrichment

Furthering the academic experience of pupils through trips, guest speakers, ‘theme’ weeks, and external academic competitions helps to ensure broader horizons and attitudes to learning.

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Discover Cokethorpe
Discover Cokethorpe

What you will discover when you visit Cokethorpe is more than a stunning vista. Pupils have an exceptional breadth of opportunity and are supported with a truly individual focus.

Approaches to Learning
Approaches to Learning

Whether at the earliest stages of learning or in the final preparations for A Levels, expert consideration is given to the approaches to learning at each stage of a pupil’s academic development at Cokethorpe.

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Publications and Films

Discover Cokethorpe through the medium of film or read from among the colourful and varied array of publications produced throughout the School year, including those produced by our pupils.

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