Pre-Prep Learning

Pre-Prep Introduction

The Pre-Prep is comprised of the Reception Class, Year 1 and Year 2 and is a positive, exciting and creative place to learn. The naturally inquisitive nature of children at this age is encouraged through the imaginative, topic-based curriculum and a broad range of subjects.

In addition to the classroom-based learning, specialist teaching starts in the Reception Class for Drama, French, Music and PE, and Art from Year 2. The progress that specialist teaching affords is beneficial across the academic, personal, and physical development of the children.

Reception and Year 1

The children in Reception Class follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and work towards the seven Early Learning Goals (Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Expressive Arts and Design, and Understanding the World).

There is a strong emphasis on play in the EYFS, and it is good practice to extend these opportunities into Year 1. After all, no child turns five and decides they no longer need toys! Play-based learning allows children to develop social skills, resilience, independence and self-regulation. You can watch the video below and read the interview with Mrs Brash, our Reception Class Teacher, here, for more information about Play-based Learning in Cokethorpe Pre-Prep.

The new Pre-Prep classroom spaces for Reception and Year 1 afford the children the space and freedom to learn indoors and outdoors all day long, with physical outdoor opportunities such as climbing, block play, riding bikes and scooters, building and balancing, matched with imaginative play in the mud kitchen, sand pit, shop, or teepee. And, as they open directly onto the School’s extensive parkland, and are located just a stone’s throw from our woodlands for bushcraft activities, we can ensure a positive learning environment throughout these formative early years in education.

The Pre-Prep enjoy an engaging, topic-based curriculum that is enhanced by specialist teaching in subjects including Music, French, Drama, and PE, whilst specialist teaching in Art is also introduced from Year 2.

The Cokethorpe Characters

The children in the Pre-Prep (and throughout the Prep School) also focus on key learning attributes that are represented by the ‘Cokethorpe Characters’. Each half term has an individual character that is focused on throughout all aspects of learning and play, with prizes awarded periodically.

The Characters have alliterative names to aid recall and comprehension, and introduce morals, ethics and broader approaches to learning. The traits of the Characters are interwoven throughout the whole curriculum and our wider environment. The use of the Cokethorpe Characters is a core part of our approach and is integral to School life. They are designed to introduce the pupils to the characteristics of the Senior School’s Leadership Traits.

Where next?

Prep pupils working together in class - Prep Learning - Academic
Prep Learning

In the Prep School, pupils receive the vital foundations for study in a stimulating and purposeful environment, with a focus on intellectual challenge through the Creative Curriculum.

Guest Speaker talking to a Senior School audience - Academic Enrichment - Academic
Academic Enrichment

Expanding our pupils’ learning beyond the confines of the classroom and the curriculum affords them the opportunity for a greater depth of understanding, and academic independence.

The Co-Curricular Programme

Our Co-Curricular Programme covers the performing and creative arts, sport and outdoor education, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, and our extensive range of clubs and societies.

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