AOBs and Activities

The Prep Activities Programme

Revised and extended in 2021, the Prep Activities programme is designed to facilitate the expansion of the pupils’ horizons beyond the classroom, aiding the discovery of new passions and interests, whether academically based or otherwise.

With more than 35 activities available in the Prep School, the programme is extensive. Primarily run by teachers with specialist coaching or tuition for certain activities, the programme changes termly to offer pupils the chance to experience an even broader range of activities and sports. The Prep Activities Programme is designed to provide a platform for the pupils to develop the skills they will benefit from when progressing to the AOB Programme in the Senior School.

Activities include: Philosophy and Debating, Art Club, Golf, Judo, Riding lessons, Comic Book Making, Modern Dance, Cooking, Poetry, Textiles, Jewellery Making, Ballet and Technology Club, among many others.

Every week, the Pre-Prep children take part in the Pre-Prep Adventurers programme, usually led by our Head of Outdoor Education. This introduces a range of fun pursuits that are carefully selected to develop key cognitive, sensory, and motor skills.

Outdoor Education

Cokethorpe’s dedicated Head of Outdoor Education works right across the Prep and Senior Schools, from introducing the Reception Class to Bushcraft to leading the Sixth Form paddlers on the Marathon Kayak Devizes to Westminster race.

AOBs in the Senior School

AOBs – literally Any Other Business – is Cokethorpe’s activities, clubs, and societies programme. Integrated into the weekly timetable, AOBs truly are a vital part of School life.

Staggeringly, over 160 AOBs are available for pupils to choose from, and they fall into one of the following five categories: Cerebral; Physical; Creative; Hobbies; and Service. This huge selection is designed to encourage pupils to try new things, to extend an interest in academic subjects, or to devote more time to developing skills. What’s more, if there is an activity not presently offered that a pupil is keen to do, we will make every effort to add it for the future.

In keeping with the School’s Leadership Programme, many AOBs are student-led and student-run by members of the Sixth Form with only minimal staff support, and they are encouraged to do so. Sharing their own passions, interests, skills and experiences with younger pupils provides benefits to all and helps facilitate a closer-knit environment, whilst the Sixth Form have a ready opportunity to test, develop and showcase their burgeoning leadership qualities.

Pupils select three AOBs per term, with one of each taking place every week. They are encouraged to select only one session from each of the five categories, though appropriate concessions can be made by discussion with tutors.

Delve into the depth and breadth of the AOB programme in the Co-Curricular guide below:

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Senior School Teacher working with Pupil - Digital Learning - Individual Focus - Academic
Digital Learning

At Cokethorpe, we are proud of the way we embrace modern technology, utilising it to support and augment teaching and learning, both in the classroom and beyond.

Prep boy working diligently in class - Scholarships and awards - Admissions
Scholarships and Awards

Our Scholarships and Awards aim to recognise and promote those who embody the attitude and approach to learning that we value, as well as those with a particular aptitude for a subject or activity.

Admissions at Cokethorpe
Admissions Process

Check the processes and requirements for your child’s entry to Cokethorpe, which varies depending on the year group your child will join, through our Admissions Process calculator.

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