Prep Learning

Prep Learning

The pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 receive vital foundations for study in a stimulating, positive and purposeful learning environment. These learning skills, combined with a curriculum focused on intellectual challenge, ensure pupils are well prepared for their next step into the Senior School.

A Creative Curriculum

Whilst the National Curriculum is followed, the freedom to offer breadth is fully embraced. The Creative Curriculum at Cokethorpe is an approach that sees teaching of those traditional learnings in a subject, incorporating a central theme that can span across all subjects. It demonstrates and teaches the interconnectedness of the pupils’ subjects and aids their comprehension of those connections and the subject matter itself.

The themes are term-based and enable the pupils to immerse themselves in the theme, enjoying the creative and fun approach taken, so much so that they can almost end up learning by ‘stealth’. This all enables the learning to be more memorable, meaningful and purposeful.

At the Prep School age, it is enormously beneficial to a child’s understanding to have these connections and that immersion. Within the framework, there are still the curriculum objectives to meet, but there is also scope to craft lesson plans from week-to-week and really tailor the learning to the pupils’ interests.

Specialist teaching

Teaching of core subjects is expanded to support progression, with spelling and Maths taught in sets from Year 4. Specialist teaching also continues in Music, Drama, French, PE and Art, and Latin is introduced from Year 5. As pupils move through the Prep year groups, they increasingly benefit from the shared facilities of the Senior School – a key benefit of Cokethorpe’s through school model on the same site.

Where next?

Senior Pupils smiling and working in class - Senior School Learning - Academic - Our Aims and Ethos at Cokethorpe
Senior School Learning

Academic success is focused on the progress of the individual with high expectations of excellence for all pupils. Our ambition at Cokethorpe is to help our pupils become better, more effective learners.

Guest Speaker talking to a Senior School audience - Academic Enrichment - Academic
Academic Enrichment

Expanding our pupils’ learning beyond the confines of the classroom and the curriculum affords them the opportunity for a greater depth of understanding, and academic independence.

Sport at Cokethorpe

Excellence at the highest level is underpinned by an ethos of participation. The parkland setting provides the perfect backdrop to the extensive facilities which contribute to Cokethorpe’s sporting reputation.

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