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Celebrating the success of the individual

At Cokethorpe, we place great store in the ‘value-added’. But what does this mean in practice? We are a broadly selective school and believe that, through the quality of our teaching and the bespoke learning experience offered, we can help our pupils strive further, reach higher and achieve more than they might otherwise have been able or expected to do.

As such, we are a school which celebrates the successes of the individual, not simply of the collective: one person’s four A* results might be another’s three A’s. We are proud of the achievements of all our pupils and provide an educational environment that stretches the brightest and delivers tangible benefits to all.

Whilst academic results are important, it is not always a meaningful representation of how much hard work and effort pupils have put into their education – beyond the raw statistics are individual tales of triumph.

Nevertheless, the strength of our pupils’ performances is self-evident. Below, you can read the latest results at GCSE and A Level.

Our results in 2023

Percent 9-7 Grades at GCSE

Percent 9-6 Grades at GCSE

Percent A*-A Grades at A Level

Percent A*-B Grades at A Level


The GCSE results for 2023, include 65% at 9–6, with 41% of papers sat being awarded 9-7. More than 83% of Art, Drama, English Language and Music grades awarded were 9-6.

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GCSE Results 2022 Infographic

A Level

Our 2023 A Level and BTEC students achieved 26% A*/A results, with 55% of grades attained at A*/B. 100% of our Latin, Further Mathematics and Psychology students achieved A*/A with 100% of French, Music and Drama grades awarded at A*/B.

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Higher Education and Careers

The Higher Education and Careers programme at Cokethorpe runs throughout the Senior School, not just in the Sixth Form.

Led by our Head of Careers, Mrs Bignell, the Department makes use of the latest software and methodology, alongside more traditional activities, such as work experience, to ensure that our students are able to move seamlessly and preparedly on to the next stages of their education and, ultimately, careers.

Working in conjunction with Housemasters and tutors, the Head of Careers supports and guides the decision-making processes for our pupils, whether that be for GCSE course choices, A Levels or the BTEC Extended Diploma, or university and career options.

Cokethorpe hosts a biennial Higher Education and Careers Fair attracting leading local and international universities and employers. The Fair provides an excellent opportunity for pupils to speak with representatives and hear directly about what they look for in applications. Fourth Form through to Upper Sixth as well as parents are invited to attend this event.

Our Careers Approach

Morrisby is a specialist online testing platform that is used throughout a pupil’s time at Cokethorpe. Starting in the Second Form, pupils start with aspiration testing that is revisited annually. Once in the Fifth Form aptitude tests are introduced and added to a pupil’s individual profile. All of the results are saved within a pupils profile and remain accessible even once they have left school.

Fifth Form pupils visit a university in the Lent Term to engage in thinking about future options.

Preparations for making applications to university via UCAS start in the Michaelmas Term of Lower Sixth, including a visit to a university with a tour of the campus and appropriate talk regarding applications. This is followed up with a UCAS morning in the Summer Term, when a visiting speaker from a top university introduces students to preparing their personal statement. Students are supported throughout the UCAS process through to A Level results day and beyond.

Aspiring Application Programme

Lower Sixth students who plan to make applications to highly competitive universities, including Oxbridge, or for highly competitive courses may join the Aspiring Applications Programme.

This programme aims to prepare students for continuing their studies at university by broadening their understanding of a subject and taking them well beyond the A Level syllabus. It also aims to deepen their enjoyment of a subject by engaging in mature research and debate with knowledgeable staff.

Each student is paired with a supervisor with a shared interest in a subject area. Reading, research projects and extension work is set and discussed during one-to-one tutorials.

Leavers’ Destinations 2023

The courses our students take up after Cokethorpe are reflective of the excellent standards and breadth of teaching at the School, encouraging the students to push their horizons and explore opportunities that both excite and inspire. More than 80% of our leavers in 2023 were accepted by their first choice university.

The next steps opted for by our 2023 leavers are reflective of the Exceptional Breadth of opportunity on offer at the School, and have included: Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Glasgow, Geography at Durham University, two students reading English at the University of York, Medicine at Hull York Medical School, Zoology at the University of Bristol, and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southampton.

A full look at destinations and courses undertaken can be viewed in the map.

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Approaches to Learning

Whether at the earliest stages of learning or in the final preparations for A Levels, expert consideration is given to the approaches to learning at each stage of a pupil’s academic development at Cokethorpe.

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