Prep Music

Music is a firm favourite with children of all ages and it forms a big part of the daily life at Cokethorpe. Indeed, it is difficult to walk through the Mansion House and not hear the soothing and alluring lilt of music on the air.

Pupils all have a weekly music lesson with a specialist teacher in the Prep School. Our Pre-Prep children are taught fun, interactive songs, often accompanied with actions and percussion. As they progress through the School, pupils are introduced to the more technical aspects including learning to read, play and write music.

The Prep Activities programme provides plentiful opportunities for collaborative practice and performance, with the lively calendar of musical events providing amply for pupils to showcase their talents to their parents and peers.

Music Instrumental Scheme

Launched in September 2023, the Instrumental Scheme is an innovative new offer for all pupils in Year 4, Year 5, and First Form. Recognising the clear correlation between musical proficiency and academic success – there are many studies showing that show pupils who study music are more likely to do well in other subjects – pupils in these year groups receive weekly individual music tuition on an instrument of their choice from one of our professional Visiting Music Teachers.

As well as the individual instrumental lesson, pupils in Years 4 and 5 benefit from an additional music ensemble lesson each week, whilst those pupils in the First Form have a weekly choir rehearsal as well as a First Form ensemble rehearsal. The pupils also receive their weekly, 50-minute lesson of classroom music with a specialist member of staff, as part of their academic timetable. 

As part of the Scheme, the School covers the costs of the tuition and instrument hire for half of the year, ensuring individual music tuition is accessible by all. The Scheme is available to all pupils in these year groups, even if they already receive individual music tuition on another instrument.

For more information, contact the Admissions Office.

Senior Music

Music at Cokethorpe is as impressive as it is diverse. From traditional recitals and choral concerts via the all-inclusive Inter-House Music Competition to the more contemporary offerings at the Sixth Form ‘Beer and Band Nights’, there is something to suit every talent.

Performances as part of the formal musical calendar at Cokethorpe are many and varied, including the St Cecilia Concert, May Day Madrigals, Advent Services, Brass Ensemble and Orchestral performances, and the Young Musician of the Year Competition, to name but a few.

In addition to performance spaces and rehearsal rooms, the School also offers a suite of Mac computers equipped with Sibelius and Garage Band. Using this industry standard software enables students to explore composition and song writing and gain technical recording and editing skills.

Upcoming Events

Find out about and book for the upcoming events at the School, from Open Mornings to concerts, art exhibitions and drama productions across the Prep and Senior Schools.

Individual Music Tuition

In addition to weekly timetabled Music lessons, we offer a diverse range of individual music tuition.

The lessons develop performing skills, knowledge and understanding through one-to-one and group sessions that take place during the school day on a rotational timetable. For more information about Music Tuition at Cokethorpe, please contact the Music Department.

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Check the processes and requirements for your child’s entry to Cokethorpe, which varies depending on the year group your child will join, through our Admissions Process calculator.

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Our Scholarships and Awards aim to recognise and promote those who embody the attitude and approach to learning that we value, as well as those with a particular aptitude for a subject or activity.

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