Learning About Life in the Roman Legions

May 14, 2024

First Form pupils travelled to the British Museum in London with the Classics Department to explore the incredible collections of antiquities on display. 

The focus of the visit was for our young Classicists to view the exciting new exhibition: ‘Legion: Life in the Roman Army’. Exhibits included the only surviving Roman long shield and items of military equipment and clothing such as swords, sandals and helmets. There was even a miraculously preserved red ankle sock from Roman Egypt, as well as wooden postcards with messages from people living in the fort at Vindolanda on Hadrian’s Wall.

The interactive displays gave pupils the chance to play Roman dice games and much fun was had by all trying on a selection of soldiers’ helmets. Pupils were awed by the magnificence of the museum’s Great Court and the size and range of the exhibits, with many commenting on how much they had enjoyed the day and how keen they were to revisit the museum to explore more of the collections. 

Roman Legions