Little Red Hen

Oct 20, 2022

Year 1 dressed as farmers, started their performance of The Little Red Hen chatting about gathering the harvest with the children offering to help. They then retold the much-loved tale assisted by Year 2 narrators.

The hard-working red hen Harriet (Year 2, Gwyn) lives on a farm. When she finds a sack of seeds, she asks her friends; the dog, Reggie (Year 2, Baker), the cat, Olivia (Year 2, Lockwood) and the duck, Woodrow (Year 2, Gwyn) to help her plant them – but they are too lazy, so she does the work herself.

After the wheat had grown, she asks her friends to help harvest her crop, but again they are too lazy and she does it all alone, including a visit to Mr and Mrs Miller’s Windmill to grind the wheat into flour. At this point Pre-Prep choir sang a most impressive three-part round, the song ‘Turn, Turn’. Finally, the hen asks if they might help her bake the bread, and again they refuse, although, they are all very keen to eat the loaf that she has made! In the end she does share her bread with them, but only after they have learned a very important lesson.

The children’s acting and singing was excellent as was Mr Wilson’s accompaniment on the chapel organ. The parents showed their appreciation and happily joined in with the reprise of the hymn ‘Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring’, complete with fantastic actions from the pupils. Our wonderful Reverend Parker concluded the service with some thoughtful messages and a Harvest prayer.

Little Red Hen