Prep School Prize Giving

Jul 8, 2022

It was wonderful to be able to come together again in the marquee for the Prep School Prize Giving.

We were treated to two songs from the Prep School Choir, accompanied by Dr Winkley. For the traditional Scottish lullaby, Baloo Baleerie, they were also joined by Monty (Year 4, Symonds) on the violin. Mrs Black thanked everyone who has worked to support the pupils in the Prep School this year and spoke to Year 6 about choosing their legacy as they progress through the Senior School. Mr Stevens, Deputy Head, presented prizes to the children in the Pre-Prep, followed by the Academic Prizes, Pupil of the Year, and a prize for Effort and Progress, to a pupil from each class in Years 3 to 6. Bobbie (Year 6, Symonds) was awarded the Prep School Cup for our most outstanding pupil.

Mr Stevens’ humorous address was enjoyed by pupils, parents and staff alike. He talked about the benefits of being bored over the summer, leaving screens alone, and finding creativity through the need to entertain oneself. Mrs Marchbank, retiring after 24 years at the School, joined the party on stage and led us in prayer to mark the end of a superb year for the Prep School.


Prep choir singing on stage at the Prep School Prize Giving - News