A Muddy AOB Run

May 1, 2022

As many of us were enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend from the comforts of our own homes, a brave group of Fifth Form pupils travelled to the edge of Shropshire to crawl, slide, leap and run their way through the obstacles of the Dent Wizard Flying Colours Mud Run. The pupils used their Lent Term AOB to find a challenge that would test their teamwork, resilience, fitness and courage. The event certainly lived up to the task as pupils helped each other overcome waist deep sucking mud, power through the ice-cold rivers and tackle the numerous hills and hurdles. The pupils should be immensely proud of how they conducted themselves by sticking together and staying calm under pressure to complete the six kilometre run.

Pupils and Teachers covered in mud after the Dent Wizard Flying Colours Mud Run - AOB Mud Run - News