Scholarships and Awards

Our Scholarships and Awards aim to recognise and promote those who embody the attitude and approach to learning that we value, as well as those with a particular aptitude for a subject or activity.

Scholarships and Awards

Learning at Cokethorpe School is a dynamic and challenging process. We want every pupil to be ready to challenge themselves and to embrace the many opportunities that the School offers. We develop interested, passionate learners who recognise the importance of focused application whilst also being ready to embrace challenge and be excited by new ideas.

Our Scholarships and Awards are available at different stages of the Senior School, and are given to those who embody the attitudes and approach to learning that we value, or who demonstrate an aptitude for one or more particular subjects. We offer Awards in the following areas: Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Music, and Sport.

Our Scholarships and Awards are available at First Form (11+), Third Form (13+) and Lower Sixth (16+). Members of the Lower Sixth can also apply for one of our Leadership Grants.

Academic Scholarships

The Scholarship Programme is coordinated by our two Heads of Scholars. We expect our Scholars to take a leading role, both in the classroom and beyond. In exchange, the Scholars have access to regular workshops, lectures and debates.

Each year, the Scholars pursue independent research into a topic of their choosing, which is initially presented at the annual Exhibition Evening. They then write up their findings as academic articles for publication in the Scholars’ Journal, which enables them to share and develop their academic passions.


Alongside our main Academic Scholarships are our named scholarships, the Clarke Scholarship (for First Form) and the Allen and Trevis Scholarships (for Third Form).

Discover more about our Academic Scholarships in the booklet below.

Scholarships and Awards


Read about the Scholarships and Awards available and the application process for them at 11+, 13+ and 16+ below.


We are a school which recognises and embraces the many and varied talents of children. Our Awards Programme was created with this in mind and celebrates and supports success or the potential for it. Our Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Music and Sport Award Holders are thus provided with opportunities to further develop their talents.

Award Holders are expected to take a leading role in their field within the School, acting as ambassadors for their subject, art or sport. They will receive additional support from the respective department as they progress through the School.

Sixth Form Leadership Grants

At Cokethorpe, we offer a unique scheme to recognise students who demonstrate leadership through their contributions to all aspects of School life, and who promote our core values by acting with integrity, courage, empathy, judgement, ambition and responsibility. By awarding Leadership Grants, we celebrate and develop the qualities to inspire others.

Successful recipients of this prestigious grant receive a £750 contribution towards their first year university fees, and a further £250 budget to support an event or activity organised to benefit the School community. Grant-holders may choose to merge budgets, to support a joint venture.

Each year, five grants are awarded.

To read about the process for application, and the qualities we expect of a successful candidate, please see the booklet below:

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