A Race to Rescue in STEM Week

Oct 10, 2022

STEM Week made its periodical return to the equation this month with a theme of ‘Race to Rescue’. There were many elements to the activities this year, which included: the Tutor Group Challenge, creating a balloon-powered racing car; the DT Challenge, asked pupils to design their own solution to cleaning up plastic pollution from the world’s oceans; whilst a series of code-breaking tasks ran throughout the week.

Elsewhere, the First Form visited Bletchley Park and came up with some innovative solutions for redesigning the humble toaster as part of the New Product Design Challenge. The Second Form embarked on a ‘Code and Rescue’ mission, sending and receiving an encrypted message in Morse Code, making a winch mechanism to rescue survivors from the bottom of a cliff; whilst the ever-popular Slime Workshop was a messy masterpiece of gunky activity. The Third Form even engineered a ‘Bank Heist’, tackling a series of questions to part a vault from its cash!

The STEM Fair was met with great enthusiasm as pupils were able to try different STEM-related activities; Prep School pupils were particularly intrigued by the opportunity to look inside and handle a cow’s heart!

Cokethorpe Senior Pupils learning to make slime in a STEM workshop - STEM Week 2022 - News