A Trip Down Memory Lane at Reunion Dinner

Jun 15, 2024

The OC Reunion last Saturday saw a delightful gathering, full of nostalgic moments and heartfelt connections. Alumni from across the generations came together to talk about their school days, share updates on their families and reconnect with old friends and teachers.

Reunion Dinner Reunion Dinner

A vibrant atmosphere, with laughter, storytelling, and a sense of camaraderie that transcended generations filled the Dining Hall. The evening featured a live band consisting of more recent OCs, with lead singer George Lewis (OC, Gascoigne, 2009) who is currently a teacher in the Prep School. Najib Chowdhury (OC, 1989, Swift) spoke of his time at Cokethorpe and the impact his teachers and friends have had on his own life, and how the principles that guided him through school have shaped the way he runs his business.

Reunion Dinner Reunion Dinner

President of the OC Society, Tony Baker (OC, Harcourt, 1964), said Grace and offered thanks to the School for arranging the event, with a particular mention of Miss Hodgkins, Mrs Brownless, and the Catering Department. It was a heart-warming occasion that celebrated the enduring bonds formed during school years.

Reunion Dinner