A Virtuosic Young Musician’s Final

Feb 24, 2023

‘A most joyous day’, ‘pure pleasure’ and ‘an absolute privilege’ were just some of the tributes, congratulations and never-ending praise that guest adjudicator, Mr David Gibbs, bestowed on our marvellous musicians who took part in the Young Musician of the Year finals.

The audience was wowed by the extraordinary and diverse range of music performed in both the Lower Grade and Higher Grade finals, spanning music from all genres, performed on a vast array of instruments.

Mr Gibbs had the unenviable task of choosing the winners but choose he must! Many congratulations to the winner of the Lower Grade Final, Charles (Second Form, Queen Anne) and the winner of the Higher Grade Final, Caellum (Fifth Form, Vanbrugh) for their outstanding performances. Credit must go to every single performer, as each one demonstrated not only their incredible talent but also their commitment and dedication to music making.

Young Musician’s Final