Animal Farm

Mar 29, 2023

The Lent Term productions have become legendary here at Cokethorpe for their vast scale, vibrant design, and their ambitious scope. This year’s performance of Animal Farm continued this legacy with a fiery and captivating performance. The ensemble cast and crew of more than 5o pupils were superb in their depiction of George Orwell’s timely tale of revolution and the corruption of power.

Animal Farm Production 2 Animal Farm Production

Animal Farm Production 4 Animal Farm Production 8

We were led into the story by the expert narration of the Farm Hands, and the audience were greeted by the huge menagerie of farm animals, skilfully and stylishly realised by Mrs Wilkinson’s costumes. As the revolution took hold, every cast member, onstage for the entire performance, worked hard to create the believable urgency of a society in flux, prone to rumour and lies. The audience were spellbound as the inevitable deceit took hold in the Pigs’ usurpation of power.

Animal Farm Production 7 Animal Farm Production 3

Animal Farm Production 6 Animal Farm Production 5

There were many excellent individual performances from the cast, but too many to name here. This was another brilliant production from Cokethorpe Drama which delivered a powerful message for the audience, reflective of revolution and the corruption of power. 

Animal Farm Production 5