Beginners’ Luck on the Slopes

Jan 31, 2024

In preparation for the inaugural Prep School ski trip at Easter, Mrs Hammond took an enthusiastic group of beginner skiers to Milton Keyne’s indoor Snozone for their first lesson on snow.

Snozone Ski Trip Prep 2024

The introduction to skiing first had pupils learning how to stand and walk in the very heavy and rigid ski boots, then learning how to clip on their skis. The courageous group were soon getting the hang of the ‘magic carpet’ or ‘travelator’ which took them up the slope. Getting off was not as easy as it looked, but after a few goes, all pupils were happily skiing to the bottom – with varying degrees of success!

A great afternoon was had by all, and our beginners are now feeling much more prepared for their adventure to the Italian slopes in a few weeks.

Beginners' Luck on the Slopes