First Form Curriculum Enrichment Week

Jul 5, 2023

Curriculum Enrichment Week was a little different for our First Form pupils this year, who, in a change to their planned trip to Paris, instead embraced a week of adventures a little closer to home. The week began with our linguists re-enacting le Tour de France on foot, racing through the green pastures of our School to debunk French and Spanish clues and take selfies with iconic objects on site.

On Tuesday, pupils refined their team-building abilities during Laser Kombat and bowling competitions, where every pupil demonstrated dedication and perseverance. The following day, the whole group embarked on an epic trek, exploring the glorious surroundings on their twelve-mile hike back to School. The week ended on a high with a host of exciting water sports at Hardwick Lake, including paddle boarding, kayaking and a boat trip around the lake on ringos! As if that was not enough action for the day, pupils returned to the School to play badminton, do some archery and shoot air rifles on the range.

We are very proud of our First Form for the mature way they dealt with the last-minute change to their Curriculum Enrichment Week, and the enthusiasm and good nature they demonstrated throughout the week.

First Form CEW