Inter-House Countdown

Feb 20, 2022

The spirit of Inter-House competition was kept alive once again during a period of lockdown. Those competitions took many forms, some, such as the Trek to Tokyo, tested the Houses in a physical capacity, whilst others warmed the neural pathways and tested the temporal lobes. The Inter-House Countdown Challenge was one such brain-teasing competition.

Split into two initial Heats of three Houses, and followed by a head-to-head Grand Final between the Heat winners, the format of the competition mirrored the style of the popular daytime television show.

In the first Heat, teams representing Feilden, Gascoigne, and Vanbrugh faced off, recording scores of 34, 37, and 43 respectively, with Vanbrugh thus progressing to the Final.

In the second Heat, another close contest saw Swift progress on 53 points, to Harcourt’s 42 and Queen Anne’s 45.

An enthralling Grand Final had Vanbrugh surging to an early lead though Swift stayed in the match and brought it back in the second half of the contest before solidifying the win 50-38 on the Conundrum.

Senior School pupils working against the clock to work out conundrums in the Inter-House Countdown competition - News