Learning About Life in the Wild

Sep 20, 2023

It was not long before our Year 1 children were off on their first school trip of the year, on an exciting and informative visit to Cotswold Wildlife Park.

The children walked around the expansive grounds of the park, peeking into the enclosures, and were thrilled every time they managed to identify and name the different groups of animals such as reptiles, birds and mammals. They were interested to see what many of the creatures were eating, which inspired lots of discussion about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. Along with enhancing their topic work on animals, the children had a chance to ride on the train, play on the adventure playground and enjoy a delicious ice cream to reward their hard work.

Year 1 children at Cotswold Wildlife Park Year 1 children at Cotswold Wildlife Park

A highlight of the trip was seeing the new additions to the park, rhinoceros calves named Susie and Henry who were born in August just this year!  

learning about life in the wild