Paddles Put Pupils Through Their Paces

May 16, 2023

The Second Form took to the water at Hardwick Park as they embarked on an exciting trip to test the canoe paddles they had crafted over the last few weeks in their DT lessons.

Second Form Paddle Testing 4 Second Form Paddle Testing 3

Despite the chilly morning, intermittent rays of sun added warmth to the atmosphere. The pupils enthusiastically launched their homemade paddles into the water, eager with anticipation. The experience was a perfect blend of fun and learning, as pupils gained valuable hands-on knowledge of their creations.

Second Form Paddle Testing 2 Second Form Paddle Testing

Supported by their instructors, they honed their canoeing skills and revelled in the thrill of gliding through the water. It was a memorable morning which would have undoubtedly have left the pupils with a justified sense of accomplishment and confidence in their burgeoning design skills.

Second Form Paddle Testing