Prep School Concert

Jun 16, 2022

Prep Arts were delighted to host a second Prep School music concert in the beautiful Corinthian Room, once again showcasing the talents of instrumentalists from Years 3 to 6. Parents enjoyed a truly diverse selection of pieces performed on strings, woodwind, piano, and drums.

Commencing in Year 3, Julia (Baker) began the concert, with an exciting sounding piece, Jumping Jazz on the fantastic grand piano. Moving up to Year 4, Berry (Gwyn) impressed with her piece Ya Ya Ya on the oboe. Next, Frankie (Lockwood) performed the intriguing, Hotel Yorba. As an extra treat, he also sang whilst playing.

Year 5 pianists followed. First, Tony Garner (Baker) who played Fiddlers Holiday and then Mia (Symonds), who performed the beautiful sounding Cherry Blossoms.

The audience were next treated to some excellent Drum solos from more of our talented musicians. From Year 5, Ollie (Symonds), Sam (Lockwood), and Georgia (Gwyn) and then Alexander (Baker) from Year 6.

Year 6 pupils concluded the concert. First, Thomas (Baker) performed Brother John’s A Minor on his acoustic guitar. Next, Connie (Symonds) on her electric bass guitar played the poignant Stand By Me. To follow, two pianists: Sam (Lockwood), performing the mysterious Secret Garden, and Emily (Symonds) who played He’s a Pirate. Two woodwind players followed, both on the clarinet. Lili (Baker), playing the European Anthem, Ode to Joy by Beethoven, and Bobbie (Symonds), Riding On a Donkey. The final soloist, Darcy (Baker) played Intercity Stomp, also on piano, with gusto.

To finish, a rousing finale from Oliver (Gwyn) and Alexander (Baker), performing on electric guitar and drums. Their own brilliant composition Fruit Cake proved to be a fitting conclusion.

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