Puzzle Challenge Day

Oct 13, 2022

The Happy Puzzle Company certainly put a smile on the faces of Prep School pupils as they were welcomed to Cokethorpe as part of STEM week. During the Puzzle Challenge Day, pupils from Reception Class to Year 6 took part in tailored workshops, focusing on developing their thinking, logical reasoning and communication skills. With a mathematical slant, the challenges encouraged pupils to work collaboratively, overcoming difficulties by approaching problems from a different perspective. They were introduced to the concept of a tangram, using their spatial awareness to create squares from triangles, squares and parallelograms; a balancing penguin activity that required teamwork and logical thinking and an intriguing jigsaw puzzle-within-a-puzzle!

The day proved to be inspirational and engaging and much fun was had as the teams competed against one another. As one child in Year 5 commented, ‘I loved the experience; it was challenging and we needed to work together to find a solution.’

Cokethorpe Prep Pupils working on a puzzle / game together - Puzzle Day 2022