Rockets and Rovers with Science Oxford

May 12, 2023

The Year 5 visit from Science Oxford took off as pupils experienced two spectacular workshops linked to space that encouraged both creativity and scientific thinking.

  Mars Rovers at Cokethorpe Prep Mars Rovers at Cokethorpe Prep 2 Mars Rovers at Cokethorpe Prep 3

The first activity was out of this world! Pupils were tasked with writing algorithms in Mission Control for their Mars Rover buggies to traverse the rocky terrain of the red planet (or the path set across the Prep School classrooms!). The Year 5 aerospace engineers completed their first mission, adjusting the Python code they used until the buggies successfully followed the route avoiding the obstacles along the way.

For the second task, classes worked in pairs to design and decorate rockets made from large plastic bottles which could be safely launched outside, using compressed water and air. Once their rockets were completed, they were launched, changing the amount of water in each bottle to find out what amount would propel the rocket highest. Some of their launches reached heights of over 30 metres. It was a fabulous morning of hands-on learning, and Mrs Bassey was only hit once!

Mars Rovers at Cokethorpe Prep