Senior School Prize Giving

Jul 7, 2023

Prize Givings are primarily opportunities for the community to come together in celebration of the successes, both individual and collective, of a school’s pupils. Our Senior School Prize Giving this year proved to be something rather more. 

Senior Prizegiving 2023 Senior Prizegiving 2023 1

Alongside the acknowledgement of the many worthy winners, there were some exceptional and highly memorable speeches. Departing Head of School, Jamie (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne), ‘beared’ it all, in a fine and commanding display of oratory which called on the exploits of two fictional bears to offer his advice to the younger pupils in the School, before signing off on a bittersweet note (marmaladey, if you will) bidding farewell and adieu to friends, teachers and the School.

Mr Levi Roots serenaded and swept the audience along with his powerful message of determination and graft, speaking of the importance of knowing and being yourself in order to find true success and satisfaction in your achievements. 

Senior Prizegiving 2023 3 Senior Prizegiving 2023 2

The Headmaster spoke of the importance of embracing challenge and of challenging one’s own perceptions, taking chances and savouring opportunity, whilst the Chairman of Governors gave thanks to the whole School community for the achievements and joys of another successful year at Cokethorpe. A fitting message with which to sign off for the summer break.

Senior Prizegiving 2023 3