Senior School Prize Giving

Jul 9, 2022

This year’s Senior School Prize Giving returned to its rightful place as the concluding act of the School year. It is in the act of awarding prizes that we join in celebration of the purposeful and fruitful endeavours of our pupils throughout the year, reminding us of all those many and varied deeds worthy of applause and note. Although focusing on individual successes, the exceptional breadth of prizes given, and pupils who were receiving them, was a clear demonstration of the collective accomplishments of the year.

The Headmaster’s speech picked up on this theme, talking of making active decisions and being proud of commitments made and honoured; albeit through the prism of hidden tattoos! Our guest speaker, Dr Witte, dared us to embrace the challenge of the unknown, whilst our Head of School, Millie Knight (Upper Sixth, Gascoigne), inspired her younger peers to find their calling and strive for it wholeheartedly, reading out passages from the speech she wrote for Prize Giving as an impressionable First Form pupil listening to the speeches at the end of her first year.

Senior Pupil receiving an award at Cokethorpe Senior School Prize Giving - Dr Marlys Witte - News