St Cecilia Concert

Dec 15, 2022

Over 100 Senior School pupils gathered in The Shed on Thursday 17 November for the first large-scale concert since the pandemic. The concert began with an energetic and lively performance by the orchestra, playing some of Hans Zimmer’s most famous compositions for film.

The audience was treated to solo and ensemble performances, played by pupils from all years in the Senior School. Tom (Fifth Form, Swift) was the first soloist to perform with a confident rendition of I Hear What You Say by Ben Crosland. Oscar (Fifth Form, Vanbrugh) and Jamie (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne), two stalwarts of all things singing, were next up, moving the audience with Dear Theodosia from Hamilton. Saša’s piece (Upper Sixth, Feilden) also impressed the audience, which was followed by a rousing group performance from the First Form.

Caellum (Fifth Form, Vanbrugh) showcased his talent in the first movement of Handel’s sparkling Sonata in F major; he was followed by Grace (Lower Sixth, Gascoigne) on the piano and Edward (Fifth Form, Gascoigne) on trombone, both performing jazz, albeit in different styles, but both beautifully capturing the atmosphere of their respective pieces. Musical Theatre was again represented, this time, by Grace (Fifth Form, Gascoigne). Anna (Lower Sixth, Feilden) treated the audience to a dazzling and virtuosic rendition of Monti’s most famous composition, Czardas, after which we heard the concert’s final foray into Musicals repertoire, poignantly sung by Jamie.

Yichao (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh) provided a delicate and stirring interpretation of Brouwer’s piece, Un Dia de Noviembre. The School Choir then performed For the Fallen – a beautiful anthem, throughout the country on Remembrance Day.

It was a joy then to hear Leaving the Home by Johow, performed by siblings, Caellum, Sophie (Third Form, Vanbrugh) and Ella (Third Form, Vanbrugh). Nancy (Fifth Form, Swift) was the final soloist to play, performing with sophistication and style.

The evening concluded with a performance by the entire First Form, who had worked tirelessly in preparing songs from the musical Les Misérables. They commanded the stage and their combined sound was not only huge, but it was full of emotion, diction, energy, vigour and enthusiasm. Particular congratulations must go to the soloists: Atalanta (Queen Anne), Lottie (Gascoigne), Molly  (Feilden), Daisy (Gascoigne), Iona (Swift), Emily (Harcourt) and Tillie (Gascoigne).

St Cecilia Concert