The 39 Steps – A Masterclass in Comedy

Jun 19, 2024

Exploding into The Shed in a riot of ludicrous slapstick and silliness, the latest venture from Cokethorpe Drama was a roaring success. Drawing on the classic John Buchan tale of spies, intrigue and assassination, this production had its tongue firmly in its cheek, as it hurtled through a cacophony of stereotypes, cut-glass accents and melodrama.

the 39 steps the 39 steps the 39 steps

A very talented cast and crew fell over themselves (quite literally) to provide gag after gag, whether it was with makeshift cars, trains and planes, poorly-timed sound cues, or unconvincing deaths, all carried along on a wave of energetic over-acting. These mistakes were of course intentional, and deliciously timed, as the highly talented cast and crew worked seamlessly to create a performance which was breath-taking in its blundering joy. As a collective effort, it is impossible to single out any one individual performer, but everyone involved should be congratulated for providing us with a masterclass in comedy.

the 39 steps