The Fifth Form Common Room Departs, ‘All Aboard!’

Jan 9, 2024

Michaelmas Term 2023 ended in a flurry of festive joy. However, the year sadly did not end so well for the Fifth Form Common Room. Following the tumultuous events of the Christmas break for the Fifth Form pupils’ home from home, some swift thinking was called for.

Fortunately, a solution came pootling around the corner courtesy of some truly lateral thinking. Pupils and staff were greeted by the splendid sight of a rather dashing, 1950s-era London red double-decker bus, providing a novel temporary common room space for the Fifth Form on their return to School. Suffice it to say, the reactions were suitably strong from staff and pupils alike and there were no signs of watches being checked, wondering when the next bus might arrive!

Fifth Form Common Room - Red London Bus