Unmasking Theatrics

Mar 21, 2023

Fresh from their highly successful recent performance of ‘Dracula’, all of Second Form took part in a fantastic workshop with Vamos Theatre company. Learning the wonderful skills of mask work and physical expression, the pupils were encouraged to find alternate means of communication.

Vamos Theatre 1 Unmasking Theatrics - Vamos Theatre 2 Unmasking Theatrics - Vamos Theatre 3

We were taught about the process of building and inhabiting another character, the importance of ‘clocking’ to form a connection with the audience and how to convey a narrative without our own facial expressions. There were some highly impressive sequences of movement and storytelling devised by Second Form, some hilarious, others poignant, but all demonstrative of this year group’s willingness to learn, to take risks and to work together.

Vamos Theatre - a fantastic workshop