A Fight to the Finish Line

Oct 20, 2023

As the bell struck to mark the beginning of the annual Crawford Relay, there ensued an eruption of noise from the crowd and an explosion of speed from the competitors. Vanburgh flew out of the gates taking an early lead, with sisters, Sienna (Second Form, Vanbrugh) and Bella (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh), leading the charge for their House in both legs with ambition in abundance. Harry (Upper Sixth, Feilden), who was running his final Crawford Relay, demonstrated his national running credentials with a powerful surge around the course. Gascoigne were also proving to be a competitive force, showcasing their athletic prowess, whilst there were some courageous runs from Harcourt.

Crawford Relay bell Crawford Relay

But it was the experience, responsibility, and tactical nous of Swift and Queen Anne, who were going hammer and tong in the final heat for the overall win. Swifts Aled (Third Form, Swift) and Mae (Lower Sixth, Swift) showed tremendous leadership in a thrilling finish, but it was Freddie (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne), appearing in his sixth Crawford Relay, who lifted the Cup for winners Queen Anne. It was a fairytale ending for Mrs Orton in her final House event as Housemistress of Queen Anne.

Crawford Relay supporters Crawford Relay winners

Crawford Relay