A Final Farewell to French Friends

Jul 3, 2023

We were delighted to welcome our French exchange partners back to England for their leg of the Fourth Form exchange. Their respective Cokethorpe families welcomed them with happiness and hoorays as friends were reunited. Weekends were with filled some quintessentially English activities such as afternoon tea, as well as visits to Oxford and London. Some visitors also enjoyed a swim in the lake as the French pupils were blessed with some not so quintessentially English, sun and heat.

 French Exchange at Cokethorpe 1 French Exchange at Cokethorpe 2 French Exchange at Cokethorpe

The group activities reinforced the strong bonds between them with invites to meet up again, and the now customary final tears. We are so grateful to our host families for making the French pupils feel so welcome and are already looking forward to another successful exchange next year, bon voyage class of 2023!

French Exchange at Cokethorpe 3