An Armada of Team Building

Apr 20, 2023

This term, it was the turn of our Second Form pupils to rise to the challenges set for them at the Royal Navy Day. Their skills were certainly put to the test as they were building a communications tower using STEM kits they were provided with. The Leadership Challenge had pupils using their initiative and expertise to make a stretcher and set off in teams to find and rescue a casualty, with obstacles to overcome along the way before arriving at the makeshift helipad.

Royal Navy Day 2 Royal Navy Day 3

Pupils were then thrown into the deep end again as they had to navigate their way out of a disaster scenario, with a number of different challenges, where the aim was to preserve life and get urgent services back up and running.

Royal Navy Day 4  Royal Navy Day

Second Form should be extremely proud of themselves as they took on the challenges with gusto and demonstrated incredible problem-solving skills, leadership and teamwork.

Royal Navy Day 5