Baarmy Bethlehem

Dec 10, 2022

Expectations are always high for the Pre-Prep Nativity, and when it comes to setting a mood of reverence or exuberance, this year’s Pre-Prep performance, Baarmy Bethlehem, unapologetically opted for the latter.

A trio of party loving sheep named Rascal, Cheeky and Scamp, played by Etta (Year 2, Baker), Lorenzo (Year 2, Baker), Hunter  (Year 2, Symonds) were in search of a big celebration. When they saw Bethlehem filling up, they assumed it was for a big party, but could not find one.

The familiar story was eloquently read by the Year 2 Narrators, Harriet (Gwyn), Reggie (Baker), Olivia (Lockwood) and Woody  (Gwyn) which gambolled through all the essential nativity elements such as the brilliant Star played by Ruby (Reception, Symonds). Some fabulous performances from our Year 1 children, the serene Angels, Phoebe (Symonds) and Emmy (Lockwood), amusing Shepherds Ben (Symonds) and Charlie (Lockwood) and The Wise Men, Forest (Gwyn), Ollie (Symonds)and Eliam  (Lockwood), all that our woolly heroes really cared about was finding a noisy celebration.

After paying their respects around the crib with Mary played by Kamiyah (Reception, Lockwood) and Joseph played by Toby (Reception, Gwyn) and the donkey, Oliver (Reception, Baker) the party sheep finally got their wish.

Pre-Prep certainly entertained their appreciative audience and really proved that their standard of acting, singing, and dancing was exceptionally high.

Pre-Prep Nativity, Baarmy Bethlehem