Down on the Farm

Jun 7, 2023

The Pre-Prep visited Churchills Farm in Northmoor where they saw Ruby Red cows and a one-week-old calf have his ears tagged, he was very brave! They were also all weighed together to see if they were as heavy as a bull but the 23 children combined were only half the weight of the bull weighing 1100kg!

Pre-Prep Farm Visit 2 Pre-Prep Farm Visit 3 Pre-Prep Farm Visit 4

We had a tour of the working farm and looked at the various crops that were being grown before going on a tractor and trailer ride to a field to watch some seed drilling before working together in two teams to re-enact the work of the machine planting the seeds.

Pre-Prep Farm Visit 5 Pre-Prep Farm Visit 6 Pre-Prep Farm Visit 7

It is much more efficient to plant the 30 million seeds planted by machine than with humans. We ended the day with a picnic lunch in a barn, with three lambs in a pen next to us, before one more tractor and trailer ride to visit a herd of cows who excitedly came running to the gate when Farmer James called them.

Pre-Prep Farm Visit