Experts on Ecology and Ecosystems

Mar 26, 2024

As part of the ecology topic of their A Level course, Lower Sixth biologists travelled to Preston Monfort Field Work Centre to put what they have been learning in the classroom into practice. The group were there to investigate populations and learn about the various ecosystems at the field centre.

They carried out experiments in and around the site, including ‘Mark, Release and Recapture’ with woodlice, and estimating distribution of Lord and Lady plants around the woodlands. Mr Gale proved an avid fisherman and spent hours with the students, examining and identifying different types of aquatic insects.

The final day was a culmination of their work during the trip, where students were tasked with designing and carrying out their own ecological investigation. The budding ecologists gathered the data, carried out statistical tests and completed biological drawings. The trip gave the students a deeper understanding of ecology in an engaging and enjoyable way. 

Ecology and Ecosystems