Inclusivity, Engagement, Learning: STEM Week 2023

Oct 6, 2023

STEM Week is a stalwart of the Cokethorpe calendar, engaging pupils from the Prep School to Sixth Form in a week packed full of stimulating STEM-related activities, based around a different theme each year. This year the theme was inclusion, which opened up a host of opportunities to explore STEM subjects across the School.

First Form STEM activities  First Form STEM activities

The week began with an inclusive product design workshop for the First Form, challenging pupils to redesign the humble toaster and develop a garden aid for those with limited dexterity. A Discovery Lecture to the First and Second Forms from Mr Richards compelled pupils to delve deeper into the wonderful world of science. Cokethorpe teams participated in the ‘Faraday Challenge’, a national competition aimed at inspiring future generations of problem solvers. The teams worked incredibly well in finding a solution to a complex real-world problem that involved using electronics and moving parts.

Third Form STEM activities Third Form STEM activities

The Third Form took part in a sensory deprivation exercise to help them understand what they might need to consider when designing products, and the Second Form took part in an excellent workshop run by Miss Ryan focusing on AI and how it could be used for developing design. The annual STEM fayre generated lots of excitement with a range of activities for pupils to try from the Maths, Science, PE and DT Departments.

First Form STEM activities - STEM Week 2023