Inspiring a Love of Languages

Feb 20, 2024

Head of School, Dee (Upper Sixth, Gascoigne), and Head of Harcourt, Tara (Upper Sixth, Harcourt), shared their passion for languages with pupils across the School in the first student-led Modern Foreign Languages Day. They organised an array of linguistic and cultural activities, allowing pupils to widen their global knowledge, enhance their linguistic skills and gain an understanding of how learning a language can offer opportunities in the future.

Languages Languages

The Second Form watched a film entirely in French, then later sampled a wide range of cuisines from around the world. Third Form pupils took part in a competitive United Nations style debate with each team arguing for or against factory farming. Fourth Form pupils then participated in a debate of their own, exploring the topic of preservation of traditions and cultures.

International cuisine International cuisine

In the evening, Fifth Form pupils and their parents attended two talks, beginning with one from Madame Garitey, exploring the value of taking languages at A Level and beyond. The second talk was from a truly inspirational guest speaker, Polly Cameron, who shared some highlights of her career: achieving a first-class Russian language degree, her time in the army where she was deployed to various ex-USSR operations, being awarded the British Empire Medal, and finally her current position as Chief Security Officer for National Gas. 

Congratulations to Dee and Tara for organising such a fantastic event.