International Week

Jun 23, 2022

Cokethorpe pupils were given the opportunity to explore what being a global citizen means as they celebrated International Week. Over this five-day period, many departments explored social, political, and environmental issues around the world. Activities ranged from ‘Global Rescue Technology Challenge’, to creating a display of social scientists around the world. Arts students made prayer flags, English students wrote poetry of words that burn, Sociology students wrote essays about how culture affects perception and created a display of social scientists around the world, Lower-Sixth students produced a podcast about ‘Globalisation and the Digital Social World,’ whilst in Music, pupils explored ethnomusicological features of different world cultures, synthesising art forms to create musical fusion. Scientists took part in a global battery challenge whilst staff delivered lunchtime talks ranging from ‘Hope in Palestine’ to ‘The most important European War you have probably never heard of’ and ‘China – the present and the future.’

Global Citizen message flags hanging up during International Week at Cokethorpe School - News