Music to Spanish Ears

Sep 1, 2023

It was an epic 26-hour journey for our musicians as they headed to Spain over the summer holidays for their music tour, the first to consist of pupils from both the Prep and Senior Schools.

Music to Spanish Ears - Cokethorpe music pupils perform in Spain Music to Spanish Ears - Cokethorpe music pupils perform in Spain

On arrival at their destination, just outside of Barcelona, the afternoon was spent rehearsing and exploring the nearby area. The following day, pupils went on an excursion to the Dali Theatre in Figueres, where they were stunned and awed by the amazingly surreal art, sculpture and photography on display. The first performance of the tour was held in the open air at Platja D’Aro, where the group were part of the town’s weekly evening recital series it holds throughout the summer. Our musicians performed confidently and with gusto to the crowd – Music to Spanish ears. 

Playing mini golf on the Cokethorpe Music Tour to Spain 2023  Prep pupil enjoying the Cokethorpe Music Tour in Spain 2023

The following day was full of fun and laughter, as they visited nearby Waterworld, with bowling and mini-golf to boot. A busy day three was spent in bustling, beautiful, Barcelona, exploring the amazing market and shops, before heading to the Museum of Music. The final concert was in the English Church where once again, the Prep Chamber and School Choirs dazzled and the orchestra sonorously shone. Our soloists all took complete advantage of the church’s glorious acoustic and were most impressive. Magical musical memories were made on this fantastic tour, where our pupils, regardless of age, were all excellent ambassadors for Cokethorpe. 

Performing Cokethorpe Prep music pupil in Spain