Prep School Prize Giving

Jul 6, 2023

Our Prep School Prize Giving was once again a joyous occasion, celebrating all that is great about our wonderful School. The Chamber Choir sang beautifully, and Mrs Black spoke about the importance of music in the curriculum. Our Deputy Heads of School, Gemma (Upper Sixth, Gascoigne) and Dylan (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh), spoke eloquently of all that the Year 6 pupils can look forward to in Senior School and reflected upon the highlights of their School days as they leave the Sixth Form. 

Prep Prizegiving 2023 Prep Prizegiving 2023 1

Our youngest pupils were so delighted with their books that they could scarcely wait to read them, whilst Mr Stevens, who gave this year’s address, challenged the pupils to learn something new over the summer.   

Prep Prizegiving 2023 3 Prep Prizegiving 2023 4

Among the many prizes awarded, William (Year 6, Symonds) won The Clarke Award for academic excellence and Scarlett (Year 6, Lockwood) was awarded the Prep School Cup for the most outstanding pupil in the Prep School this year. 

Prep Prizegiving 2023 4