Simply Messing About in Boats

Jun 19, 2023

It was a trip down the River Thames this term for the whole of the Prep School (with the exception of Year 5 who were off on their residential) on their visit to the River and Rowing Museum in Henley-on Thames.

 River and Rowing Museum 2 River and Rowing Museum River and Rowing Museum 5

All pupils in the Prep School will be participating in a production of The Wind in The Willows on Prize Giving Day at the end of this term, so it was a magical experience for them to visit the Museum which houses a delightful exhibition of this much-loved story, inspired by the shy creatures that live on the banks of the River Thames.

River and Rowing Museum 7 River and Rowing Museum 4 River and Rowing Museum 3

To help with their understanding and characterisation, pupils were able to meet the characters, visit the settings, step inside Toad’s caravan, walk through The Wild Woods, see Badger’s House and stand at the gates of Toad Hall. The exhibition was so pleasurable that our Year 6 pupils walked through it multiple times, because once was not quite enough! 

River and Rowing Museum 6