Treasure Island

Dec 18, 2022

The Senior School Michaelmas Term production of Treasure Island was yet another outstanding performance from our talented pupils. From its romping sea shanties to its dark brooding atmosphere of menace, this show was packed with excitement and wonderfully charismatic performances.

There are too many individuals in the cast to name them all, but particular mention must be made of Oscar (Fifth Form, Vanbrugh) and Xander (Second Form, Vanbrugh) as two terrifying pirates with a dread feud. Henry (Fifth Form, Harcourt) was the epitome of noble duty as Captain Smollett, Darcey (Fourth Form, Harcourt) fearful and violent as Black Dog and Adam (Fifth Form, Queen Anne) was hilarious as the oft ignored Grey. The wonderful double-act of Jamie (Upper Sixth, Queen Anne) as Doctor Livesey and Monty (Fifth Form, Vanbrugh) as Squire Trelawney provided many laughs and they were exemplary in their professionalism. Dylan (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh) was wonderfully expressive as the marooned Ben Gunn and Bella (Lower Sixth, Vanbrugh) provided a terrific antagonist in her depiction of Long John Silver. Marni (Upper Sixth, Vanbrugh) was exceptional as the hero Jim Hawkins, as she skilfully and endearingly steered the audience through this thrilling tale with a beautifully nuanced and authoritative performance.

There were many superb performances from the talented ensemble, as well as the charismatic and hilarious pirates, all ably supported by an excellent stage-crew and marvellous sea shanty band. The costumes were beautiful and superbly detailed, quite the best we have ever seen, and we look forward to the next thrilling adventure on the Cokethorpe stage.

Lent Term Performance - Treasure Island