Visiting Author Inspires Pre-Prep

May 9, 2023

The Pre-Prep and Year 3 were very excited to have a visit from Camille Goodman, author of Mister Finch and the Queen, a quirky rhyming story about an old man who is invited to visit the Queen in London. Camille first read the story, then the Year 2 and Year 3 children designed their own book jacket and wrote a blurb about their own potential story. So inspired were they by Camille’s visit, that many of them are now feeling inspired to become authors!

Mister Finch and the Queen 2

The younger children asked lots of interesting questions including, ‘How many days did it take to write the story?’ to which Camille replied, ‘About three weeks but then a whole year to get the story published!’ They also discovered that Camille was inspired to include a chick in her book after hearing a story about her own mother as a child taking a chick home from a restaurant, without her parents knowing! Camille suggested to the children that linking stories to funny things that have happened in your life is a great starting point for authors.  

Mister Finch and the Queen